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We are a small rescue doing what we can to help animals in need.  

Our most recently adopted litter:
The Squeakers!

Thanks to rescue friends from Arkansas, Tennessee & Missouri we've found more puppies to save.  They were transported to Wisconsin in early June.  They were found abandoned in a rental - 9 puppies between 4-5 weeks old.   The woman who came to clean the apartment was a rescue angel - she took the pups to her daughters home where they were fostered until transport could be arranged.  She managed to find homes for two of the puppies.


The first leg of their journey was to St. Louis where they were boarded for a couple of days until the transport to Wisconsin could be arranged.  While there, one of the vet techs fell in love with a little brown girl and adopted her. 


For more information, check out our pups on Petfinder

We cannot change the world,

but we can change the world for some

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